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Go out to the whole world; proclaim the gospel to the whole creation’ (Mk 16:15)


In 2021, I invited you on a journey. Under the banner of Take the Way of the Gospel, I proposed we reimagine’ our parishes, consciously taking up Pope Francis’ call to be missionary disciples’ in this unprecedented era of ours.

Several years on, the core vision remains the same, though now I am pleased to introduce you to the Take the Way of the Gospel Framework for Parish Renewal. 

This Framework is a tool designed to serve you as you discern what paths you must take to remain vibrant, vital, and viable into the future. With the Gospel, we have been given a precious flame, one that must be cared for daily if we are to be the light of the world’ as Jesus wants us to be (Mt 5:14).

My prayer is that this resource will be a blessing for our communities in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. It already has been. We can already see the seeds of grace growing among us.

So once again I invite you to join us on this journey of renewal. With this guide at your disposal, may the flames of faith burn brightly in Melbourne, burning with the light of hope — the light of Christ.

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What is the Framework?

The Take the Way of the Gospel Framework is built around three core dimensions: Vibrant, Vital, and Viable.

Each of these dimensions is crucial to the health of a parish community.

The parishes within the Archdiocese of Melbourne come in all shapes and sizes. Each has their own history, demographics, cultures, and struggles. This Framework is not an inflexible or uniform program. It is a tool designed for you to freely enter and discover for yourself how each dimension can be lived out in your context.

In this Framework, you will discover what each of these dimensions mean, their chief hallmarks, as well as the resources to begin discerning a path forward for your parish.

Above all, however, this is a journey of discernment. Each dimension requires the slow and patient listening to God’s movements among and within us. This will lay the foundation for you to get the most out of each core dimension.

TWG Parish Renewal Framework web

How to use the Framework

TWG Parish Renewal Framework web

Explore and understand each element of the Vibrant, Vital, and Viable dimensions.

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Discern. Discern. Discern.

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Use our Exploring and Strengthening tools to map your own unique journey to renewal.